Top 5 ways to treat headaches

Headaches are common these days due to either extra workload, or the excessive
stress. The good news is there are few simple things that you can do to avoid major
pain. Try following these tips to ease the pain and feel better quickly.
1-Go Hot and Cold
A migraine is a common issue these days, and if you are suffering from it, place a cold
pack on your forehead. You can take a towel and fill it will ice cubes, or a frozen bag of
peas will be perfect. To lessen the pain, you can even take cold showers as an
alternative. Keep the cold pack on your head for 15 minutes, and then let yourself relax
for the next 15 minutes.
On the other hand, if you are suffering from tension headaches, a heating pad on the
back of your head or neck will be the perfect treatment. In case of sinus headaches, you
can place a warm cloth on the area that hurts, or take a warm shower.
2-Stretching exercises
You can get rid of the muscular tension that causes headaches with the help of
headache-relieving stretches. You can add them to your daily workout plan, or use them
when you’re feeling the pain.
• Neck isometrics: Press your palms onto the forehead and hold. Press the
hands on each side of the head, right on the temples.
• Shoulders shrug: Shrug up in the forward and backward direction.
• Neck range of motion: Place your chin forward, then move it upwards and
towards each shoulder.
Stretch for 20 minutes twice daily. You have to hold the stretch for 5 seconds, and then
relax for next 5 seconds. Repeat the stretches 3 to 5 times.
It has been proved in a research that aerobics like swimming. Walking and biking can
reduce the intensity of a migraine. The patients that are engaged in aerobics for 12
weeks have improved their quality of life, and reduced the intensity and number of
4-Relaxation exercises
You can reduce your headaches with different relaxation exercises like:
• Mental imagery & Meditation
• Relaxing to music

• Yoga
These relaxation techniques are great for when you start your day. Performing them in
the morning helps lay that foundation for your day. A great app to assist you in
performing meditation is headspace.
5-Breathing exercises
With the help of deep breathing, you can prevent yourself from headaches. You have to
image a point below the belly button. Fill your stomach by breathing into that spot. You
have to breathe in your stomach as a balloon, and then breath out like you’re deflating
that balloon. You will feel more relaxed with every slow and long breath you take.
Following these simple tips, you will not have to take any kind of medications for
headaches. These exercises will strengthen your muscles and you will not have to
suffer from the pain ever again.