Reap the benefits.

Wear Bladeflex whenever you have a few minutes to enjoy a better posture.

Quality Components

  • Padded Strap Fully adjustably padded strap with a high-quality, breathable, eco-friendly, luxurious closed-cell foam wrapped in soft neoprene.
  • Torque Clip Open lid of clip and feed strap until desired strength is achieved, then store excess strap in torque cover.
  • Dual Hinge The dual articulating hinges allows the Bladedisks to conform to your shoulder blades during movement.
  • Release Buckle The high strength release buckle allows you to easily get out of Bladeflex and snap it back together ready for the next use.
  • Blade Disks The two circular blade disks are the support structures for the device and house the springs and straps.

Ease of Use

[Once you have read the manual and setup Bladeflex for the first time]


Put one loop over one shoulder and put opposite arm through the free hanging loop.


Stretch the Bladeflex over your second shoulder, as if you are putting on a backpack.


Easily remove Bladeflex with the release buckle and snap it back together for the next use.