Bladeflex re-trains muscle memory through movements, strengthening the mind body connection and the muscles associated with posture for long-term benefits and sustained results.

Bladeflex will not restrict movements like traditional “braces” but allow for full range of motion. It will pull you back into alignment when movements are completed, creating positive changes that you can use everyday.

Bladeflex can be adjusted between 5-15ft lbs of resistance, ensuring you will find a suitable strength for your current level of fitness. As your posture improves, you can also adjust the size, allowing for positive feedback and measurable results as you progress.

Bladeflex can be worn while sitting or standing at a desk, watching T.V or throughout various light cardio activities that can be performed at home or in the office. It can also be combined with exercises in our manual to help provide a higher level of training and for maximum benefits.

If you struggle with upper body ailments such as sore shoulders, neck or back or just want the benefits that an improved posture can provide, Bladeflex can help you no matter what your current fitness regimen is.

Bladeflex is made from over 60 quality components and comes with a 1-year warranty so you can feel confident that the product will perform at a high level for the duration of your posture correction and beyond.

Often people feel the effects of this strong support system after just one day of use but for long-term improvement, if Bladeflex is worn for 30 mins a day for 3 weeks, the results will be more apparent.

Your daily activities and demanding occupations are creating imbalances in your body. Tight pec muscles, overworked biceps, tense trapezius muscles, are all causing your body to not perform at its best. Bladeflex will ensure your body will adapt into a better form, creating a more natural, efficient, and higher functioning body.

Good posture has many benefits that can include, improved range of motion, reduction in shoulder pain, better digestion, increased lung capacity and improved diaphragm function to name a few.