The Bladeflex

  • Padded Strap Fully adjustable for size, the padded straps are made from high-quality closed-cell foam and neoprene, allowing you to adjust the size as your body adapts into a better form.
  • Dual Hinge The dual articulating hinges allows the Bladedisks to conform to your shoulder blades during movement.
  • Blade Disks The two circular blade disks are the support structures for the device and house the springs and straps.
  • Torque Clip Strength of resistance can be adjusted between 5-15ft lbs of torque, enabling you to find a suitable level for your posture correction.
  • Release Buckle The high strength release buckle allows you to easily get out of Bladeflex and snap it back together ready for the next use.


Being able to adjust the strap size but also the strap strength, you will find a suitable level for you.


Bladeflex is engineered to be long lasting and structurally sound so that it can be used everyday.


You can get the benefits of wearing it for 5 mins or 30 mins, whenever you find time.


With a device that can be put on in a few seconds (after initial setup) you can always find time to wear it.


With the benefit of flexibility, you won’t feel restricted in your movements while wearing it.


With padded straps and two flat blade disks for stabilizing, you will feel comfortable wearing it.