Bladeflex posture trainer cares about results. They promote health and wellness and are making an impact! This product is unique and above the rest because of its versatility and ability to perform strength exercises while utilizing.Cale Parkyn, Physiotherapist


While wearing Bladeflex, I immediately felt supported, as the device pulled my shoulders gently back into alignment. I noticed there was in an increase in relaxation and a decrease in tension throughout my upper back; which is important for maintaining proper posture.

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The ability of the straps to extend and retract long distances made the device perfect to hold my posture in place while still permitting a full range of normal motion of my shoulders and arms. I see this device as the perfect tool to help correct a lifelong tendency to slump the shoulders forward, as well as a tool to assist in strengthening the postural muscles of the upper back.

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Being able to put the device on quickly and easily while not restricting my movements was helpful.  This allowed me to play comfortably for longer periods of time before getting stiff and tired in the upper body.

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As soon as I put it on, I felt like a superhero---indestructable! I really noticed it draw my shoulders back. It not only improved my posture but my confidence as well. For someone who has heavy gear hanging from their neck and who relies on computer to do a big portion of the work, Bladeflex is a useful tool to help stimulate my upper body and remind me to retract my shoulder blades and improve my posture.

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Wearing this after a workout helped support my upper body and keep me from rolling my shoulders forward helping maintain my proper posture. Wearing it feels like putting on body armor!Robbie Devries