Advanced Hip Stretches to Loosen Tight Muscles

Advanced Hip Stretches to Loosen Tight Muscles

July 28, 2017 | Blog

Hip mobility reduces when you spend a lot of time in front of the desk or in a car. In the beginning, you will not notice the change. However, if the condition prolongs you will suffer from lower back pain and heavy weight lifting will be hard for you.

To help you out here we have the advanced hip stretches that will help you to bring back the lost mobility.

1-Lying Hip Rotation
You will start in the sequence and the first few movements help to warm up the body and build the strength of the muscles.

  • Bend your both knees and lie on your back
  • Cross the ankle over your opposite knee
  • You have to rotate your hip in and out to move
  • A firm hold is important and you can use your hands for assistance

When you are performing the exercise, you have to beware of any kind of soreness or tightness in your knees. If you are feeling any kind of pain, you should shift the rotating leg to reach higher on the shin of your leg.

2-Piriformis stretch
The position of this stretch is the same as that of the lying rotation, but you have to further cross your legs and ensure your hips are completely on the other side. This will ensure your knees will be pulled to your opposite shoulder.

  • Cross one leg over the other so the knees are crossed over your thigh
  • To stretch the piriformis muscle, you have to pull the crossed knee toward the opposite shoulder.

When you are performing the stretch, you have to be very gentle. Apply normal pressure with your hands and apply resistance against the muscle you are planning to stretch. Your hip rotators will be stretched as well as the piriformis muscle.

3-Butterfly stretch
It is a classic stretch that is used for the groin muscles and to enhance the side rotation of hips. Make sure that your back is always straight during this exercise so the proper stretch will be applied.

  • Start with the sitting position and keep your feet together
  • Move your knees towards the front
  • With your hands press into ground
  • Move the groin area towards the heels

Start with performing one side at a time and then apply the pressure on both sides to feel comfortable.

4-Frog stretch
It is an intensive stretching of the hip and it can be regarded as the weight bearing exercise of the body.

You have to take it slowly and follow the steps properly. You should never try to reach the range of motion that is not comfortable for your body.

  • Begin with your hands and the knees
  • Keep your knees far apart in a comfortable position
  • You have to rock back and forth in the similar position
  • The ball of your feet should be on the ground and the toes should be pointed outwards

These exercises will help your body relax, and you will notice that the strength of your hip muscle improve. Make these exercises a part of your daily routine to enjoy the benefits of stretching.