About – Bladeflex Product

May 10, 2018 | Blog

The Bladeflex

  • Padded Strap Fully adjustable for size, the padded straps are made from high-quality closed-cell foam and neoprene, allowing you to adjust the size as your body adapts into a better form.
  • Dual Hinge The dual articulating hinges allows the Bladedisks to conform to your shoulder blades during movement.
  • Blade Disks The two circular blade disks are the support structures for the device and house the springs and straps.
  • Torque Clip Strength of resistance can be adjusted between 5-15ft lbs of torque, enabling you to find a suitable level for your posture correction.
  • Release Buckle The high strength release buckle allows you to easily get out of Bladeflex and snap it back together ready for the next use.