Good posture: What is it and how do I achieve it?

July 22, 2019 | Blog

proper posture

By now, you’ve likely heard that having good posture is beneficial to your health, and can even increase your confidence and quality of life. Good posture keeps your joints correctly aligned, which leads to proper muscle development. It decreases pressure, stress and tension on the important ligaments that align your spine. You’ll notice after just days of practicing  that your aches and pains decrease. You may even notice that people compliment your appearance, or say that you appear happier.

To achieve good posture, you need to have:

Knowledge of proper posture:

Also known as “neutral spine“, good posture as seen from the front or back should look like a perfectly vertical spine. Keeping your shoulders back but relaxed, stretch up through your spine as if you are being pulled from a cord through the top of your head. Be sure not to slouch or over-arch your back – you should have two natural curves in your spine. One at the neck, one at your low back or lumbar spine.

Strong muscles.

Are your back, shoulder, arm, neck and leg muscles strong and healthy? If so, you have what it takes to develop good posture.

Good flexibility.

You need to be able to hold the correct position within range of your muscles. Stretching for just a few minutes a day while you watch TV can make a big difference.

Normal joint movement.

You need your joints to be able to move into the correct position to achieve proper posture. If you have arthritis or other joint-related problems, consult your doctor.

Well-balanced muscles.

Your right and left side muscles work in tandem to keep your spine neutral. If you have underdeveloped muscles or a significant injury on one side of your body, it may be difficult for you to achieve proper posture. Thankfully, BladeFlex can help.

A posture training device:

BladeFlex can help you achieve your  goals in just minutes a day when you wear our patented posture correction technology. Use it while at work or even while working out – BladeFlex is easy to use, comfortable to wear and helps you achieve results without having to deviate from your normal routine. Get yours today.