Study supports the use of braces to correct posture

Study supports the use of braces to correct posture

October 4, 2018 | Blog

A recent study looked at the poor posture of overhead athletes, and whether a brace posture device (like Bladeflex) can help correct it.

Who are Overhead Athletes

“An overhead athlete is an athlete who participates in any overhead sport or where that upper arm and shoulder arcs over the athlete’s head. This repetitive position places the athlete at a risk of traumatic or degenerative changes in the shoulder. Overhead sports may include baseball, volleyball, javelin throwing, tennis, swimming or weightlifting but there are others out there as well.” (Dr. Bauernfeind.

What’s Wrong With My Posture?

Incorrect posture is one of the leading factors in shoulder injuries among overhead athletes. Incorrect posture during throwing, hitting or striking motions can lead to serious and painful injury. We’re not just talking about pro athletes – in fact, recreational sports lovers are at an even greater risk, because we are not usually surrounded by teams of doctors, coaches, trainers, and chiropractors.

The particular posture flaw referred to as forward-head, rounded-shoulder posture (FHRSP) is especially to blame. This posture is defined as excessive lean of the head or the shoulders compared to the line of the body, and is very common, partly due to the amount of time we spend sitting down leaning forward towards a screen.

Using a Brace to Correct Posture Flaws

The study was able to demonstrate that wearing a brace posture device helped reduce the forward lean of the shoulders, correcting the posture back to its proper positioning. The study found that using a brace (like Bladeflex) improved shoulder posture and scapular muscle activity. In the long term, this means fewer injuries and less muscle pain!

Consider a brace posture device like Bladeflex to help correct your posture for life. Check out the available devices here.