University of Nebraska study: Head and shoulder posture affect scapular mechanics and muscle activity in overhead tasks

July 3, 2019 | Blog

We believe in developing a product that’s based in science. Check out this this article from the University of Nebraska Omaha that found that head and neck posture affects scapular mechanics.

From the article:

Individuals with forward head and rounded shoulder posture displayed greater scapular internal rotation as well as anterior tilting throughout the flexion task concurrent with less serratus anterior activity during the ascending phase of the shoulder flexion task. Similarly, greater scapular internal rotation concurrent with less serratus anterior activity were observed during the overhead reaching task. Individuals with FHRSP also displayed greater scapula upward rotation during the upper ranges of shoulder elevation during the flexion task. These results provide evidence that FHRSP contributes to altered scapular kinematics and muscle activity independent of shoulder pain since comparison groups in this study were of similar age, occupational exposure, and free from shoulder pain.

Our results show greater scapular internal rotation and anterior tilting angles observed in individuals with FHRSP are consistent with previous reports examining the effects of posture on three-dimensional scapular kinematics.

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