Appear taller just by improving your posture  – for real!

July 29, 2019 | Blog

appear taller good posture

Genetics and age account for the majority of a person’s height. But, having poor posture can actually cause you to look shorter and less approachable. When you improve your posture, you not only look taller, but you generally also look thinner. 

Use a mirror to check your posture.

Look in the mirror. Now, turn to the side. You should be able to draw an imaginary line from your ear down through your hip, knee, and ankle. Gently pull your belly towards your spine, and imagine that a cord is pulling you upward through the top of your head.

Appear taller without high heels.

Is your footwear promoting good posture? The next time you reach for sandals or heels, consider a pair with supportive arches and orthotics. Not only will proper footwear help you appear taller, it will likely reduce back, leg and foot pain.

Don’t overthink it.

If your muscles remain tense all day while trying to maintain perfect posture, you may experience pain and soreness. Practicing for a few minutes a day with posture aids like BladeFlex and remembering to stay relaxed will help you get taller and develop better posture.

Stretch regularly to appear taller.

Stretching your spine and back muscles can help you develop the strength and flexibility you need to maintain good posture and appear taller.

If you’re serious about improving your posture and want to appear taller, then consider BladeFlex. This industry-leading posture training device can instantly improve your appearance and with just minutes a day, your body will gain the muscle memory needed to maintain good posture.

Read testimonials from our happy customers here, then shop for your own BladeFlex posture training device. You can use it while working out, while at work, or even at home. It’s easy and rewarding to improve your posture, which leads to improved overall health.