Better Posture: 5 Reasons to Improve Yours

August 7, 2019 | Blog

man wearing BladeFlex for better posture

With BladeFlex, achieving better posture is easy and only takes minutes a day. But why exactly should you work to improve it? The benefits range from improving your physical and mental health to actually improving your physical appearance.

  1. Better Digestion

Do you often eat your meals on the couch, or in a slouched position? You may be hindering your digestion. When you’re slumped over, your organs are compressed. Digestion slows, and you may be more likely to experience heartburn, stomach pain, and other complications. Try taking a short walk wearing your BladeFlex device after dinner and notice the difference you feel.

  1. Better posture means fewer Headaches

When your head is tilted forward, you add extra strain on the muscles in your neck and head. This can lead to increased headache frequency, stiff neck symptoms, and decreased mobility. Wearing your BladeFlex device while working at the computer is an easy reminder to fix your head position.

  1. Increased self-confidence

When you have better posture, you don’t just feel better, but you look better, too. Improved posture can help you ace that job interview, appear taller, and before you know it, you may feel more confident.

  1. Better Posture Means More Energy

When you achieve neutral spine position, you’ll have increased lung capacity, better blood and oxygen flow, and in turn, increased energy. When you improve your posture, you may notice your days becoming more productive and your mood may even improve.

  1. Better Workouts

One of the most important times to focus on posture is while working out. If you perform exercises – particularly weight lifting –  with bad posture, you may be doing more harm than good. Wear your BladeFlex during a workout and you’ll get a subtle but effective reminder to maintain your form while you lift.

If you want to give BladeFlex a try, check out our product specs and order yours today.